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Man in The Mirror

Note from a friend, for a friend…

MICHAEL- The Man in the Mirror.

His Death as a Reflection of a Changing Paradigm.

I remember watching Michael accept an award, and while he gave his speech, different members of the audience (us) shouted, “We love you Michael!” and each and every time he’d stop, look at them and say, “I love you, too.”

Here’s what’s amazing.

Michael Jackson, for reasons we will delve into, was the perfect reflection, embodiment, mascot of our collective consciousness as a western society at the time that he lived.

We were celebrity-crazy, he lived to be loved.

We were racist, he tried to be another color.

We were homophobic, he tried to have a mainstream sexuality.

We were obsessed with an idea of external perfection- plastic- he plasticized. That was our addiction that he internalized.

Michael Jackson was a crystal mirror. He reflected us back. He was the purest innocent sponge, and absorbed and embodied our mentality.

We are confused about celebrity. It is our own beauty and ethereal royalty, it is what we all are. And whether internally or externally, we don’t know how to treat it, to hold it, to be with it, to be it. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we look for Continue reading ‘Man in The Mirror’