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Managing the Frustrating Conversation: Two sides of the Facilitative Spectrum

How much do parties need to experience the “frustrating conversation” in order to move forward? It is a balancing act between getting to the nub of the conflict and keeping them in the room. In the spirit of “authenticity” it sometimes pay’s off to allow the “destructive conversation” when parties may blame or even insult each other.  However, “authenticity” does not always equate to abuse and it is crucial that parties trust the process and have a conversation that helps them to move forward. This raises a number of questions about the role and responsibility of the mediator.

I will explore these questions by drawing on a recent mediation experience.

The Case

The frustrating conversation in question followed a hearing concerning allegations of racism within a workplace. My approach was to declare that I too shared the parties’ Continue reading ‘Managing the Frustrating Conversation: Two sides of the Facilitative Spectrum’