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Intrinsic Motivators

Here Daniel Pink shares his research on what I have often thought might be true, but was speaking from my gut.  (As Stephen Colbert would say, that’s because there are millions of nerve endings in my gut telling me whats true.)

But if you like studies and empirical research, take a look through this.

There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does:

  1. External Motivators (Carrots and Sticks) work well only for mechanical based tasks.
  2. “If  …  Then  …” reward structures destroy creativity.
  3. The secret to high performance is not found in external motivators, but in intrinsic motivators such as:
  • Autonomy
  • Mastery, and
  • Purpose

Watch this link to see more:


UK Whitepaper on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Below are some of my responses to the recent whitepaper consulation conducted by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills:

2. Are there particular kinds of issues where mediation is especially helpful or where it is not likely to be helpful?

Contrary to popular belief, I believe mediation is particularly helpful in cases of perceived bullying and discrimination especially, around gender and race. It is less helpful in instances of bad management, although it can work well here if used early enough.

The rise in the need for mediation is more to do with the growth of managers who lack adequate management skills and experience than its suitability as a cheaper alternative to ET.

Also, depending on your measures of success, it can be used to help broker the end of a working relationship, even in formal compromise agreements.

3. What in your opinion, are the costs of mediation?

Depending on the service, £750-1500 for an external provider + costs in a workplace setting. These costs include staff cover, staff hours, venue and travel. In-house schemes mitigate this cost. There are also some admin costs in terms of time. However, should an exteranl resolution service be required, mediation, if it works, is by far the cheapest intervention .

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mediation?

ADVANTAGES: Mediation allows people to clear the air and provides an opportunity to build a relationship, unlike many other processes that often contribute to further hostility . It promotes understanding between people so they can make new choices Continue reading ‘UK Whitepaper on Alternative Dispute Resolution’